Italian Police Officers Visit eForensix, NSGi’s Sister Company

Police officers from Italy traveled to the United States to develop relationships and share information with law enforcement agencies here. During their trip, they visited New York City, the 9/11 Memorial, and the Freedom Tower.  Then, they traveled  to the Pennsylvania State House – more specifically, Independence Hall – where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

After visiting law enforcement and national landmarks in NYC and PA, the officers took the time to take a tour of the digital forensics lab of eForensix in New Jersey on October 13, 2023. Network Security Group’s sister company, eForensix, is a digital forensic expert witness and consulting company specializing in civil and criminal cases. eForensix also supports the investigations of law firms involved in network intrusions and ransomware cases for civil recovery.

Two interpreters supported the officers, who asked technical and investigative questions to the staff of eForensix.  After discussing the ins and outs of network security and digital forensics, the officers took a photo op in the eForensix conference room, enjoyed refreshments, and continued on their networking journey in the U.S.

The staff at eForensix was honored that the officers visited the digital forensics lab and enjoyed exchanging insights with them.  The officers even invited the eForensix team to see their agency if they traveled to Italy.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for eForensix to meet and share information with these fine law enforcement officers from overseas. eForensix looks forward to more opportunities to discuss the importance of digital forensics to cybercrime investigations.

More about eForensix Digital Forensics in New Jersey

For over 20 years the experts at New Jersey Based Firm eForensix, have supported Attorneys, Business Owners and Individuals with expert data collection and analysis along with recognized Expert Testimony. Led by John Lucich, a nationally recognized forensics expert and former police investigator, eForensix can explain findings clearly and factually, so judges and juries can understand the relevance and accuracy of complex technology findings.

Their digital forensics experts assist attorneys and investigators with the careful recovery of admissible digital evidence. They examine cellphones, tablets, personal computers, and all manner of cloud storage. They also analyze GPS Data, fitness trackers, electronic documents and email accounts with a full knowledge of all the ways data can be hidden or obscured.

To learn more about the digital forensics services eForensix offers, please visit their website at:


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