Why Cyber Attacks Against U.S. Networks Have Escalated

Network intrusions are nothing new and have been occurring for years, decades even. However, the rate and types of attacks against U.S. networks have exploded. On June 18th, the Cleveland City Hall had to close down again due to a ransomware attack. The worst part is this particular ransomware attack was ongoing and it took […]

Addressing a Corporate Network Intrusion in 7 Steps: Part 2

We’re back with part 2 of how to address a corporate network intrusion! Please click the following hyperlink if you still need to catch up on part 1 of mitigating network intrusions on a corporate level. As we’ve mentioned before, a network intrusion can be overwhelming to pinpoint if you’ve never dealt with this kind […]

Addressing a Corporate Network Intrusion in 7 Steps: Part 1

From the very start, a network intrusion may lead you in many different directions. This can be confusing to narrow down if you’ve never dealt with this kind of issue before within your company. With so many other pertinent tasks to manage, it’s easy to get off track and delay the investigation and mitigation of […]

Italian Police Officers Visit eForensix, NSGi’s Sister Company

Police officers from Italy traveled to the United States to develop relationships and share information with law enforcement agencies here. During their trip, they visited New York City, the 9/11 Memorial, and the Freedom Tower.  Then, they traveled  to the Pennsylvania State House – more specifically, Independence Hall – where the Declaration of Independence was […]