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IT Outsourcing Company in New Jersey

Network Security Group Inc. has over 20 years in outsourcing IT services for small businesses. We’ve grown because of our highly responsive IT helpdesk support, and our incredibly fair pricing. 

IT outsourcing services include infrastructure and software support and maintenance, data security, managed offsite backups and other initiatives. With our self-managed team, we can take care of your specific IT needs with full responsibility for their quality and consistent performance – day in and day out.


We start by analyzing the current state of your IT to see the potential for its improvement and then compare the total costs of your IT managed in-house vs. outsourced by NSGi. After the cost analysis, we will present different solutions to improve your day to day IT operations, secure your network and optimize all of your business technology. 

To give you a better idea of the IT solutions NSGi provides, here are our main IT support services:

  • Managed IT Services like reducing connectivity failures and internet downtime, while streamlining data collection.
  • Advanced Network and Mobile Security for employees who work both in office and remotely on all kinds of devices.
  • Managed Off-Site Backups to prevent unexpected data loss from incidents like power outages, virus attacks or human error. 
  • Regular Network Assessments to review network upgrades to optimize your current IT infrastructure.
  • End-User Awareness Training to teach your team how to effectively use the network and handle quick-fixes.

NJ Outsourced IT Services that Help Your Team

Entrust your IT operations to NSGi and let your team focus on what really matters – growing your business. With outsourced IT support in place, you can say bye to internet downtime and repeat network connectivity issues, and hello to an easier user experience that includes better technological solutions for file access, organization and distribution. When your IT operations are not only in order, but optimized, you and your team can’t help but feel the difference. 

Here are just a few ways that our outsourced IT services can help your team stay on task:  

  • Improve speed and productivity. Aside from securing and optimizing your network connection for faster load times, we also can recommend tools to streamline workflow, making it easier for everyone to organize and complete tasks throughout the day.   
  • Work remotely from anywhere. NSGi can manage offsite backup solutions that allows your team the ability to work from home, or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Increase data security measures and organization. Our network solutions will keep your customer data secure, and organize it in an efficient way that’s easy for your employees to use.


The approach to IT management has changed drastically for businesses in the last decade. Now more than ever, businesses are consulting IT outsourcing companies for the top technological solutions on the market in order to keep up with best practices and the expectations of new talent. That being said, IT infrastructure outsourcing services stand out for their capacity to help businesses – small and large – get an edge over their competition.

Just by outsourcing some of the IT services we talked about, you can completely redistribute and alleviate tasks throughout your organization to empower your team members to focus on what they are truly passionate about in the industry. IT doesn’t have to be juggled in-house anymore ⁠— take some necessary weight off of more than one pair of shoulders, and allow your people to spearhead other critical tasks with a clearer mindset.

At Network Security Group, our cyber security experts bring custom solutions to the table to help each of our clients reduce risks, improve load and launch times, enhance work flexibility, and most of all – support your business innovation to the highest degree.

Whether it’s something as serious as someone trying to scam your business with ransomware, or just making sure your internet operations run smoothly day in and day out, NSGi can find the right outsourced IT solution for your organization.

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