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Small Business IT Services and Support for New Jersey & Beyond

Network Security Group Inc. has been serving the IT needs of New Jersey small businesses for over 20 years. We’ve grown because of our extraordinarily responsive service model, and our incredibly fair pricing.

Whatever your business needs, however large or small a service, we’ll take it on for you implicitly, and with no hidden charges. And with NSGi, we do not resell hardware and there is never a long-term contract. You can end our services at any time with just one phone call.  We’re happy to ride on our merits. This places the pressure on us to keep you happy.  


NSGi IT and cyber security experts give NJ businesses peace of mind, knowing that we have the right solution for any issue that pops up on their computers, mobile devices or networks. Technology should always help support your business not hinder it, but if technology issues are getting in the way of that – it’s time for a change in IT support. 

To give you a better idea of what NSGi can do for your business, here are our main IT support services:

  •  Helpdesk Support. Think of us as an EZ button for technology issues and problems that arise during the day. If you call during business hours you’ll almost always get a person on the line not a voicemail system.   
  • Managed IT Services. These operations are responsible for streamlining employee productivity and reducing connectivity failures and internet downtime. We are proud of our incredible responsiveness and the fact that humans answer the helpdesk phone.
  • Highly Secure Network and Mobile Access for employees who work on and offsite implemented by a nationally recognized cybersecurity team.
  • Managed Off-Site Backups to prevent complete data loss from unexpected incidents like power outages, virus attacks, hardware failures or theft, or deleting the wrong files.
  • Regular Network Assessments to optimize your current technical infrastructure and review potential network upgrades that maintain security.
  • VPN Setup and Management – In a Mobile world, hackers have even more ways to mess with us. NSGi systems and protocols protect you without being invasive or annoying while allowing you secure access to your data anytime, from anywhere.
  • End-User Awareness Training to ensure all of your employees know how to effectively use the network and prevent themselves from being the victim of scams and hacking.
  • Incident Response – We provide emergency response services to potentially new clients who suffered an intrusion and or ransomware attack. We quickly remove the continued threat, engage the threat actor in negotiations, collect evidence, rebuild a secure network, mitigate future threats, identify the methods and source, decrypt the data and restore your operations in days, not months.


Securing your network is just the beginning. With our ridiculously responsive IT services, you are able to resolve all the technology challenges your small business faces. Here are some ways our business IT solutions can help empower your team:

Increase productivity. We offer tools to help streamline workflow, making it easier for each of your team members to organize and complete tasks more quickly throughout the day. 

Improve data security and discovery. We provide software that not only keeps customer data secure, but also organizes it in a simpler format. This better enables each employee to find and provide answers to customers more quickly.

Ability to work remotely. We manage offsite backup solutions that let your team work from virtually anywhere, as long as there’s a steady internet connection.

General Technology and IT Consultants. For our clients we are always only a phone call away and during business hours a competent IT technician will almost always pick up the phone and always be eager to help you.


As a New Jersey based IT company with a high standard of service, we take as much pride in the success of your company as you do. For more than 20 years, Network Security Group Inc. (NSGi) has analyzed, managed and designed secure networks for small businesses, to large corporations. 

Our clients include doctors, dentists, law firms, engineering companies, health care companies (ask about our ability to meet HIPPA standards for information security) casinos and government agencies and many many more. Our Founder and CEO, John Lucich is a former law enforcement officer. He has been directly involved in conducting high-tech crime investigations and computer forensics while he was a state criminal investigator for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. He was also the go-to cyber security expert and talking head, appearing frequently on Fox News, Inside Edition and CNN for more than a decade.

We are passionate about what we do and we will take the time to thoroughly assess your network – taking into account your current business challenges – and will come up with cost-effective ways to optimize your technology. 

And that’s not the end of it. 

We are always keeping an eye on your network, ready to take active steps to prevent any major network intrusions. No matter the time of day, our dedicated team of IT specialists are here to answer any questions your team may have and to plug in when there is a crisis.

Cyber Awareness and End User Training

The employees of every company are a vital part of keeping your business safe. No matter how tech savvy your employees are, we promise you, the hackers are even smarter. To help combat the most common behaviors that compromise corporate data security, NSGi offers End-User Awareness Training. The intent for this training is not only to use the network more safely, but to also know what to do in a variety of compromised situations. These situations can include both malicious and non-malicious actors. 

Knowledge is power, and we are motivated to equip your team with information that could potentially save your business and its data. Whether it’s something as serious as someone trying to scam your business with ransomware, or just making sure your internet operations run smoothly day in and day out, NSGi has seen it all and has never failed to find or recommend the right IT solution for their clients.

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