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Cyber Threat Assessments for New Jersey Businesses

In a Cyber Threat Assessment conducted by NSGi, experienced network security experts from our team will come to your facility and run special software to help us analyze and detect potential weaknesses in your cyber profile, overall network configuration and in individual PC or Mac based workstations and local servers.

Despite the incredibly detailed nature of this analysis, we aim to keep this process affordable for small businesses, and you are under no obligation to proceed with any recommended improvements or fixes. But knowing where you are vulnerable and having solid threat intelligence, is the first step toward making intelligent decisions about what you will and won’t do to improve your businesses network information security.

What Can the Network Security Group Do For Me?

NSGi is a recognized national resource in cyber security assessments and cyber security consulting – and our founder and president John Lucich, has been featured on national television dozens of times to comment on cyber security issues. Where NSGi differs from most other IT and Network Security companies is their desire and passion to serve the small business owner. The Mom and Pop store, the small law firm, the small accounting practice are treated as well, and as quickly, as our largest corporate clients. If you are a small business having anywhere from 2 to 200 employees who cares about their information security and network vulnerability, you should consider calling us today.

Frequently Asked Question about Cyber Security Assessments and Information Security Audits

I’ve Never Been Hacked, Why Do I Need This? 

This argument is similar to why people used to be resistant to back up their PC. That is until their hard drives crashed and they permanently lost access to irreplaceable data and information. No one questions the need for computer backups for business data and PC’s much anymore. 

But when it comes to cyber security, it seems many fall back on those old tropes: “I’ve never been hacked!” or “My router has a firewall built in,” or “we only have a few employees we don’t need fancy network security.”

That is, until you do.

When your network crashes like your hard drive did all those years ago, it is already too late. The difficulty in dealing with the aftermath is so much harder than if your business dealt with the threat in the first place. This isn’t a scare tactic, it’s a fact. Unhacked networks that stay unprotected long enough will almost certainly be hacked eventually. The hack could range from a simple DOS Hack (Denial of Service), identity or credit card theft, or even ransomware. The hacker may have been in your network for months establishing themselves and stealing data and information before making themselves known or being detected. While many of our clients called us only AFTER something awful happened, your best strategy is to prevent network intrusions in the first place.


Securing your network is just the beginning. With our responsive IT services, you have a resource for all your technology needs, no matter how large or how small.

  • Increase productivity. We offer tools to help streamline workflow, making it easier for each of your team members to organize and complete tasks more quickly throughout the day. 
  • Improve data security and discovery. We provide software that not only keeps customer data secure, but also organizes it in a simpler format. This better enables each employee to find and provide answers to customers more quickly.
  • Ability to work remotely. We manage offsite backup solutions that let your team work from virtually anywhere, as long as there’s a steady internet connection. 


We are an IT and a Network Security Company. Many IT companies will claim to know security, but we wrote the book, literally! Our understanding of data security goes beyond secure passwords and VPN’s and it has allowed us to be a national resource for commentary and analysis of security issues. 

Bringing Big Security, to Small Business

At NSGi we take as much pride in driving the success of your company as you do. For more than 20 years, Network Security Group Inc. (NSGi) has conducted cyber security audits, analyzed, managed and designed secure networks for small mom & pop businesses, and large national corporations, casinos and even government agencies. Our Founder and CEO, John Lucich has been directly involved in conducting high-tech crime investigations and computer forensics while he was a state criminal investigator for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. He was also the go-to cyber security expert chosen to appear on Fox News, Inside Edition and CNN for more than a decade.

Whether it’s something as serious as someone trying to scam your business with ransomware, or just making sure your internet operations run fast, and smoothly day in and day out, NSGi has seen it all. In over 20 years in business NSGi has never failed to find the right IT solution for a client. That’s why with NSGi you will never be locked into a contract. Our intelligence and our responsiveness and our extremely fair pricing model are why you will stay with us.

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