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Cyber Security is not just a problem for large companies! The number of smaller companies, even mom & pop businesses that are having their credentials, data, identity and money stolen, grows every day.

Hackers know that small businesses are likely to have weaker security measures that will make them easier to hack than larger enterprises. Furthermore, small businesses are generally not financially prepared for an attack, and most lack any kind of cyber insurance. For many smaller companies, a successful cyberattack can be a death sentence.  

Consider the following data from government sources: 

  • Cyberattacks happen once every 39 seconds. 
  • Roughly 62% of organizations in the United States have experienced social engineering and phishing attacks 
  • 95% of successful cyberattacks are due to human error.
  • 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses.
  • Cybercrime costs people in the United States an estimated $6.9 billion in 2021.
  • Globally, an estimated 30,000 websites are hacked each day.
  • Only 5% of company folders and files are properly protected.


The list of scary statistics about cyberattacks goes on and on. But perhaps the scariest statistic above is that 95% of cyberattacks are due to human error. This emphasizes that while much can be done with informed application of technology, network segmentation, encryption, firewalls, etc… individual employees will remain a key part of ensuring cyber and computer security.

Ok I’m Listening, What Can I do about Cyber Security for my Company?

The best cyber security companies in NJ and elsewhere will start with a site visit and an audit. That’s why it is important to engage with a local, NJ based cyber security company. While much can be done remotely in today’s virtual world, observing the setup, physical security, and human interaction with your network and servers is a central part of assessing your overall security. A proper cybersecurity strategy will deal with both technical and human elements or it is essentially worthless. 

When choosing the best cyber security companies, remember that while every IT company knows something about network and computer security, NSGi literally wrote the book on the subject. For over 20 years, we’ve developed a unique IT and Network/Data Security competency that comes from years of experience in high tech crime and cyberattack investigations. Our founder John Lucich is a retired state criminal investigator from the NJ State Racketeering and Corruption bureau, who has successfully assisted in the investigation and prosecution of cybercrime here and around the world for over 30 years.

NSGi has a mission to bring world-class cyber security to everyone, and thus our methods and pricing are the fairest in the industry. Once you understand our process and feel our competence and responsiveness, you’ll never want another IT or cyber security company.

Basic Cyber Security for Businesses

In a Cyber Threat Assessment conducted by NSGi, experienced network security experts from our team will come to your facility and run special software to help us analyze and detect potential weaknesses in your cyber security, network configuration, server configuration, and in individual PC or Mac computers.

To understand your vulnerability to cyberattacks or computer and network outages, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the network infrastructure designed to protect your data during sudden power loss and maintain continuous, uninterrupted network operation?
  • Do you have a proper firewall (specialized hardware and software) configured with security rules examined by a cyber security expert for vulnerabilities?
  • Is your network segmented into at least 3 areas, an external network, a local DMZ, and a secure network?
  • Are employees keeping daily work on servers and not on local machines?
  • Are servers backed up and images stored both locally and remotely at least 2 times per day?  (More if you have night workers.)
  • Has the company instituted employee policies and procedures for network and computer use that your employees have read and signed?
  • Is your email server securely designed to accept emails from a single IP address from a trusted email provider that scrubs all emails for malware and spam prior to forwarding?
  • Are you accessing your network remotely via a secure, authenticated VPM?
  • Are roles in your organization defined and mapped to separate VLAN’s?
  • Have your employees been trained on their role in protecting the company network?
  • Are you allowing the use of Microsoft’s “Remote Desktop?”  The short answer is DON’T!
  • Do your employees know not to aimlessly browse or read personal emails on a company server?


These represent just a small number of the items on our security checklist. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to implement every little thing we find and indeed some of these things may not be relevant to your business, but knowing where you stand and having solid threat intelligence, will allow the business owner to make intelligent tradeoffs about the degree of risk they want to accept.

What Can Network Security Group Do For Me?

NSGi is a recognized national resource in cyber security assessments and cyber security consulting – and our founder and president John Lucich, has been featured on national television dozens of times to comment on cyber security issues. Where NSGi differs from most other IT and Network Security companies is their ability to serve the small business owner in an affordable way. The Mom and Pop boutique, the family law firm, and the small accounting practice are treated as well, and as quickly, as our largest corporate clients. If you are a small business having anywhere from 2 to 200 employees who cares about their network vulnerability, you should consider calling us today: (844) 350-0384 ext. 2

Whether it’s something as serious as someone trying to scam your business with ransomware, or just making sure your IT operations run fast and smoothly day in and day out, NSGi has seen it all. In over 20 years in business, NSGi has never failed to find the right IT or security solution for a client.
That’s why with NSGi you will never be locked into a contract. Our intelligence and our responsiveness and our extremely fair pricing model are why you will stay with us.

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