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Issues with your
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Are you wondering what you are actually paying your current IT company for? Do large bills seem to come out of nowhere every month? Our per workstation pricing is not only fair, but almost always covers the help you need every month without unplanned expense


Does you current IT service provider take forever to fix your issue, when you really need them? You’re working weekends, why aren’t they? With NSGi, responsiveness is our number one priority. We make a point to have competent team members ready.


Recurring network issues means your IT company doesn’t know what they are doing. Setting up a secure internal network isn’t for the faint of heart. Let our experts deal with your technology and recommend the most secure, fastest internet connection possible.

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Network Security Group, Inc. was founded by John Lucich a former law enforcement officer and investigator who is a nationally recognized cyber security expert. Based in NJ, NSGi serves small mom and pop businesses and large scale national corporations. No one should be left vulnerable to cyber threats.

NSGi doesn’t require contracts because our clients love our unique pricing model and proactive, responsive help  We don’t require contracts and allow you to cancel anytime because we know you will be satisfied with the quality of our IT services.

Professional IT Services in NJ

For almost 20 years, John Lucich and the team at NSGi have dedicated themselves to protecting businesses in an ever-changing world where data security and technology use is at the center of modern business operations. While we’ve worked with some very large players across the country, we feel for the little guys who just need someone to rely on for their IT infrastructure, who won’t cost them a fortune. That’s us.

With Network Security Group, you’re never locked into a contract, and you can cancel your IT services at any time – but we have a feeling you won’t want to. Here are some of the many IT solutions we can manage for your NJ business. 

Every business needs to actively monitor, maintain and manage their IT operations on a daily basis in order to keep everyone working efficiently. Most business owners do not have the time or the background to accomplish this each day – that’s where we come in.
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Managed IT Services

What most businesses and even other IT companies don’t know about network security is a lot. NSGi has unique and detailed technology and law enforcement experience here. If this is your main concern, you won’t find a more secure partner than us.
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Network Security

Unprotected mobile endpoints into your network account for the vast majority of hacking attempts into your network. NSGi provides tools, security solutions, and user education that can make a huge difference in your overall network security.
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Mobile Security

Making sure your data is not lost due to network or computer hardware failures or hacks requires more than just some generic cloud based solution. NSGi’s offsite backup program is designed to be unobtrusive and have you "back up" and running fast.
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Managed Off Site Backups

The starting point for all engagements with NSGi. By looking at every detail of your physical & virtual network and computer setup, we’ll know your vulnerabilities and address accordingly. If you listen to us, your data and your business will be safer from cyber threats.
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Network Assessments

With the growth of socially engineered hacking, you can no longer secure your network without improving the cyber awareness of your users. NSGi Training covers awareness and processes that can prevent most of these network intrusions & limit potential damage.
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End-User Awareness Training

When your computer dies or your network goes down, who you gonna call?

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Mac or PC, it doesn’t matter – our team of IT service experts can ensure your new employee’s computer is properly set up. From the physical wiring of the computer to downloading the essential updates, we can ensure your new employee’s computer will be running smoothly in no time. 

Are you having repeat network issues with connectivity, speed or file loss? With NSGi, we can look over your network options and find the best IT solution for your budget. We can even manage your backup files offsite, so if you ever experience unexpected data loss – the missing information can be restored by our team almost immediately. 

Every business needs a plan A, B, C and even D. In this case, the D stands for data – which we absolutely have covered! Your sensitive business information and client data can be securely stored and managed via our off-site back-ups. This is an essential IT service to opt for incase you experience unexpected data loss by a power outage, accidental file deletion or a hacker. With our managed off-site backups, we can restore missing files as soon as possible with minimal downtime that will effect your daily business operations. 

Slow internet means a slow work day, and what business wants that as a daily occurrence? In order to provide efficient business, you need to have an efficient network. NSGi provides regular network assessments where we evaluate the current state of your network and then discuss different ways we can improve it through cost-efficient upgrades. 

In 2023, your network should not be confined to your physical office. Everyone values flexibility during the work week, and it is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure your network can be accessed safely by employees from different remote locations. Our team of IT service providers can ensure your network can be accessed wirelessly, and look into upgrades to make the remote working experience even more efficient for your teams off site. 

Adding a new location to your business should be an exciting time for your company. Don’t let technology issues get in the way of that. With NSGi, our IT services team can properly set up your new network, employee computers and managed off-site backups to ensure each of your locations has secure access to all the same information. We could also set privacy limits for employees, so they only have access to the information they need to be productive at work. 

We can specify and configure your entire it infrastructure to allow easy access while also providing the most secure network possible.

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