What Computer Usage Procedures Should Be Mandatory for Your Company?

Computer procedures are the steps that companies establish for their employees to follow in a variety of situations. There are procedures for management, IT staff, employees, and many overlaps between these groups. For example, if there’s a procedure for reporting a lost device, it will most likely be the same for all groups. Whereas, a […]

Is Your Corporate Network Being Properly Managed?

Whether your network is under a cybercrime investigation or not, it’s important to take the time to properly assess the management of your network. At a base level, this is done by reviewing the network diagrams to see if it’s current and accurately reflects the network layout and interconnections. It also includes reviewing the configuration […]

What Computer Policies are Essential for my Employees?

Policies are rules set forth by your company on what your people can do and what they are absolutely prohibited from doing in the workplace. Policies are made for all areas of corporate life, but they are especially important for identifying how your employees can use your company’s technology, including your corporate network and computers. […]

Italian Police Officers Visit eForensix, NSGi’s Sister Company

Police officers from Italy traveled to the United States to develop relationships and share information with law enforcement agencies here. During their trip, they visited New York City, the 9/11 Memorial, and the Freedom Tower.  Then, they traveled  to the Pennsylvania State House – more specifically, Independence Hall – where the Declaration of Independence was […]

Steps to Conducting a Cybercrime Investigation

We’ve simplified the process in this article, but make no mistake – there is no cookie-cutter approach to cybercrime investigations. As cybercrime investigators, we must plan out each investigation based on the events of the intrusion. As we move into the future, new technologies will emerge, new devices will be deployed, and new methodologies will […]